David Habets’s work revolves around place-based research. As physicist and landscape architect he worked over the past decade on making situation-specific art installations, land art works and artistic research projects. Working collectively as part of RAAAF (Still Life, Deltawork //, Hidden Worlds, Intensive Care a.o.), TNO and as one of the founders of art/science collectives ZOOOF (i.c.w. Thijs de Zeeuw, Bart de Hartog and Ira Koers), Lico (i.c.w. Stefan Schäfer and Cameron Hu) and We Are All Extremophiles. Working on a wild variety of sites affords exploring fascinations ranging from lichen, the transformation of zoo’s, elemental lithium and spatial psychopathologies. Operating on the crossroads of visual arts, landscape architecture and applied science has honoured him with invitations to the HKW in Berlin, as Art/Science Honorary at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and as Vroman Fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academy. Currently he is a PHD-candidate based at the psychiatric department of the Amsterdam Medical Centre developing a project called Landscapes of Stress.

info @ davidhabets dot eu