Habets’ practice revolves around making place-based art installations and artistic research. Over the last fourteen years, following his studies in physics and landscape architecture, Habets has been making site-specific art installations. Realizing a series of large-scale works as core-member of RAAAF (Still Life, Deltawork //, Hidden Worlds, Intensive Care a.o.). Habets’s work is grounded in collaboration, as a maker he believes in the deepening of meaning and the exploration of unforeseen possibilities through collaborative efforts to approach the ambiguities that we live with in our lives. He has founded and is active in several art/science collectives to explore wide ranging topics from lichen (WAAE) to the zoo (ZOOOF), to resource depletion (LiCo), working closely with architects, lichenologists, anthropologists, and political scientists. Following his fellowship at the Van Eyck, his work has slowly developed towards staging material performances. Together with artists such as Sybille Neumeyer (Berlin), performer Antonio Ianiello (Italy), RAAAF (at Cappadox in Turkey) he has staged fragile, temporary installations that slowly degrade, dissolve, or wash away over time. Operating on the crossroads of visual arts, landscape architecture and humanities has honoured him with invitations to the HKW in Berlin and Art/Science program at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), the Jan van Eyck Academy and as PhD candidate in arts and philosophy at the AMC department of psychiatry with the project landscapes of stress.